Nick Hannes

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Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man


‘Here, at this crossroads of space and time, where the ancient sea indifferently links or divides people; here, just like in Nick Hannes’ photos, people are coincidental passers-by in the unscrupulous, ever repeating spectacle that we call ‘History’.  (Michael De Cock)


From 2010 to 2014, photographer Nick Hannes travelled the length and breadth of the Mediterranean shores, documenting various contemporary issues such as tourism, urbanisation and migration. While he was working on this project, the region continuously hit the headlines: crisis in Greece, the Arab Spring, boat refugees on Lampedusa, wars in Libya, Syria, and Gaza. One thing is for sure: the Mediterranean was centre stage once more. Nick Hannes' images capture the paradoxes of this region and the spirit of the time most significantly. They put things into perspective. Serious and moving in one moment, hilarious and ironic in the next.


Hannibal Publishers Veurne, 2014

Text by Michael De Cock

Design by Tim Bisschop

192 pages




ISBN 978 94 9208 110 0




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