Nick Hannes

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Garden of Delight


Succes story or megalomania? The rapid transformation of Dubai from a regional trade post in the sixties to the ultramodern metropolis of today, fascinates both supporters and critics. During his trips to the Gulf photographer Nick Hannes focused on the role of the entertainment industry in urban dynamics. ‘Garden of Delight’ showcases Dubai as the ultimate playground of globalization and capitalism, and raises questions about authenticity and sustainability.


‘Garden of Delight’ won the Magnum Photography Award 2017 and the Zeiss Photography Award 2018.


Hannibal Publishers Veurne, 2018

Texts by Pascal Beausse, Nick Hannes

Design by Desirée De Winter and Nick Hannes

188 pages + booklet 16 pages

Softcover with flaps



ISBN 978 94 9208 110 0




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